Incident Management System (IMS) for BCP – Ontario version

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Take your Business Continuity or Emergency Response Program to the next level - combine the power of IMS with the planning strength of the BCP industry Professional Practices to produce a robust response plan that is fast and easy to implement and maintain.

IMS (Ontario version) has been developed by Emergency Management Ontario and is available on their website at no cost.
Check out the quick links to IMS at:

What is IMS?

Ontario’s Incident Management System (IMS) is based on the proven successful Incident Command System (ICS). ICS was developed through the US Fire Service in response to a need for commonality among first response teams when coming together to fight large complex fires.

According to the Emergency Management Ontario IMS Doctrine:

”The goal of the Incident Management System is to provide an efficacious, flexible, and consistent structure and process that is scalable to manage incidents by all levels of government, emergency response organizations, communities, ministries, non-government organizations (NGOs), and the private sector.”

IMS is recommended for managing all incidents. The system allows organizations to utilize only those aspects that are practically suited to a given incident, an approach referred to in the doctrine as the ‘toolbox concept’. While the full expansion of the IMS structure may appear complex, this would occur only during complex incidents, and would serve to maintain the optimum span of control by injecting appropriate supervisory levels.”

Why should I include IMS in my continuity plan?

IMS is the Ontario best practice standard for emergency response team organizational structure, functional roles & responsibilities, terminology and emergency incident reporting.

Adopting IMS in your Business Continuity or DR Plan for IT will dramatically reduce the time and resource investment required to align your plan with external partners and stakeholders. It will also immediately provide dramatically improved cohesion in response activities within your organization while simultaneously providing cross-trained resource depth.

Where should I start?

Where to start depends on your needs and level of internal resources and knowledge of IMS on your team.

Sayers Recovery Group recommends one of the following:

1. Internal knowledge and skills development utilizing in-house resources and EMO public domain materials. · Log onto the EMO website at and follow the links to IMS. Here you will find the template forms package; white-papers on utilizing IMS in an Emergency Operations Centre (EOC) and other IMS materials that will allow you to adopt IMS into your BCP program yourself.

2. Host a Sayers Recovery Group IMS for BCP Workshop to streamline and customize public domain IMS materials to your specific needs and jump-start your program.

See our Services page for options.